Letting the numbers speak!


Access to Quality Education

200+ Kids today prefer coming to our learning centers to attending regular school!

What's more, they want the sessions on sunday as well!

Women Empowerment

20 Women are now earning a livelihood. From being unemployed and a 'burden',  they are now teachers, artisans and course facilitators!

Respect is now accorded to the change makers in their villages!

Villages - Making an Impact

5 places in Rajasthan are now slowly changing, thanks to the centers setup by HMF. Villages without road access and without electricity half the time and urban settlements are now running learning centers. 

Health, sanitation, solar power and mini-factories are projects that are helping reshape these villages! 

A Better Life!

Alisha provides counseling services and has been motivating adults and children alike for atleast the past decade.

  • Atleast 250+ adults and students have been counseled and motivated 
  • 30+ individuals rescued from depression and suicidal tendencies 

"There is no bigger satisfaction than to see the life that you improved, go on to improve many other lives"

Enabling Life's Events

Marriages, Health related events, Higher education, setting up own business - We assist in the best way we can for these and many more activities.

We have also conducted 10+ stationery distribution events for kids in villages - shiny pencil boxes, fresh notebooks and crisp uniforms: We kindle the eagerness to go to school!