What are we upto?

We are passionate about improving lives, one at a time!

Happiness Mappers Foundation (HMF) is about not letting young dreams die. 

It is about overriding the right to education with right to Quality education, similarly right to livelihood with right to dignified livelihood

We are passionate about enabling a holistic growth in our country across the barriers of sex, age, religion and economic status. We have been performing uplifting activities at our individual levels and have met with reasonable success. We would like to consolidate, scale up and grow these activities in a formal way, so that we can reach out to more people in need and benefit a much larger population of the needy and deserving. This is the reason Happiness Mappers was instituted - for maximizing reach and impact! 

Our activities can be broadly classified into:

A. Counseling and Career Assistance Services 

B. Education and Empowerment 

  a. Sponsor the needy and deserving 

  b. Collect and distribute educational aids 

  c. Create awareness on social issues 

  d. Empower women in terms of knowledge and employment and assist in their critical life events (education, marriage, health, pregnancy) 

  e. Running of learning centers that ensure holistic education for the poor and needy children