200 Kids and 20 Women are now creating a better future - we won't let dreams die!

Help us by...


Donating Goods

Electronics, clothes, books, furniture - the list of what you can give away is literally endless. 

We have acceptors; all they need is a donor! 

Digital Magic Box’ is one of our latest initiatives involving teaching with the latest electronic gadgets. Why should kids in villages be bereft of technology ? They will now get to experience smartphones, iPads, laptops & projection movies and learn a lot through virtual lessons ! 


Donating Effort

Team with us in organizing events, Spread the good word, help us extend our presence across the world, teach or organize workshops – we will find you niche opportunities that will utilize your expertise while ensuring a few hours well spent! 

Run stalls, maintain food canteens, cook, paint, dance, teach, play, inspire - there is so much that you can do!


Donating Money

We can excuse you for being busy! Your funds will be utilized in the best possible way for running our operations across India ,and the best part is that you will exactly know where your money went to and the lives that it touched. 

Realize your philanthropic aspirations with us.

We would like to tag projects to families, groups and individuals, and execute them under the same banner. 

Celebrations, achievements, life events – we are there to help you make it extra special – both for you and for others.